Another poem by Glen originally published in Elvis Has Left the Building (2002).


Who are you?

Are you who you think you are,

or are you

who other people think you are?


You can only truly be who you are

if you let yourself be yourself.

When you try to be as others see you,

you are conforming

to another way of being,

or to what other want you to be.


Be true to yourself

and don’t let others control you.


You are an individual.

You are unique,

you are special.

And only when you realise this

will you achieve your true potential.

Give My Love to Mothers

A poem by Glen from his book, Elvis Has Left the Building (published 2002)

Give My Love to Mothers

I love you Mum.

My love for you is like a rose in the garden,

a waterfall in a peaceful place:

my love for you grows.

Your love fills my whole being,

like an ocean of water.

You are my anchor

when all is bleak in life.

I see the truth when you look in my eyes.

Thank you for always being there for me.

Love is the most important thing

a person could ever have.

My love for you grows with each passing day.


The road

New poem by Glen, written yesterday.

The Road.

The road is long but I am a patient man. I keep my eyes on the black and white in front of me.

The road disappears underneath as I travel,

who know where I’ll go?

I have plenty of time, and plenty of road. I could see the snow in Tasmania, or the beaches in Cairns.

I am still a young man, and I have all the time in the world.


More on Glen’s first semester at university

All I want in life is to be happy.  Finding happiness in education is a great thing for

me and I love to learn new things.  I will never forget 8 years ago in my first

semester at University, I enjoyed studying the module Knowledge, Power and Society.

However, such enjoyment was unfounded, by reflecting upon the completion of a

series of processes during the semester, such as 7 books to read, difficult

assignments and a very long exam.  OH! What an exam.!!! Furthermore, feelings

of anxiety, worry, pressure, stress and anger manifested into sleeplessness, loose-

bowels in the toilet, and a rundown immune system which was then

compounded, by getting lost in the depths of autism.  So, the best way to sum up

the semester is to recite a poem to you titled:


My First Semester At University 

University is a pain,

it’s the thing that stretched my brain.

Fear had me from the start,

then Uni touched me in the heart.

The first paper was just a pass,

I felt I had fallen from a mast.

Then came the big HD,

but it was the eleven hour exam that nearly buggered me.

We were given three days to complete the thing,

but what troubles it did bring,

I thought it could be done in a day,

but really that was not the way.

The day we did the exam was not too bad,

but then the next day we were mad.

My support worker was staring into space,

while I was in another place.

I pushed myself to finish the thing,

I felt like a bird with a broken wing.

It almost destroyed my brain,

and I considered not going to Uni again.

Reflecting back on my Uni life,

I see the struggle that I thought was strife,

the struggle of learning and using my mind,

helps me leave autism behind.


By Glen C Sheppard.

Healing Sounds

Laughter is like the sound of music to my ears.
It is a medicine to cure the sick,
a vaccination to help the sad,
a treatment for free in times of grief.
No matter how bad I feel
the sound of laughter always lifts my spirit.

When my thoughts become too tangled
and my mind screams out in pain,
I need a train ride to clear my head.
The sound of the wheels, clickety-clack,
is very relaxing, melodic, like a lullaby.

The flashes of scenery, the different colours,
keep my mind so occupied that the brown mists
of autism almost clear,
with the song of the train
and the world flashing by.

Some days my autism has gone,
my mind is clear, I hear and see all;
sights, sounds and songs.
But then back comes the mist,
obliterating my mind,
imprisoning my body.


Love sat in my mind

She never quavered from that feeling

She threw caution to the wind

It took all her strength

To in the moment

Love is the foundation of mankind

It stretches to the perimeter of our culture

She tears at the heartstrings of every human being

She has powers of indescribable hate & compassion

She stands there with open arms

and waits for her prey to arrive

She pounces and the man falls to the ground

He breathtakingly gasps and says

‘Why do you do that to me?’

Love answers with a passionate kiss

He sees cinderella in his arms