The Greatest Place. A Poem by Glen Sheppard

I have a place to run to,

a place where I can hide,

that no one else can go

except for me.


It’s inside my mind,

inside my heart.

A night for the day outside:

a day for the night inside.


I want to hide until the dawn

of laughter in my mind;

the sailing of the boat

that brings my race to an end.


We are all one in our solitude:

I am him, she is me

in this, the greatest place.

My response to the Queensland Plan

I think it’s important for people with disabilities to be included in decision with government for the future.  I think we should all work together.  Come on, it’ll be fun!

Question 1.  In the context of living in the community, how do we move our focus from me to we?

I think we need to live together as one community. I should have equal opportunity like every other Queenslander.

Question 2.  How do we create and foster an education culture that teaches skills and values to meet global challenges and optimise regional strengths?

I think we should place more focus on education.

Question 3.  How do we empower and educate individuals, communities and institutions to embrace responsibility for an active and healthy lifestyle?

Through clever advertising on TV.

Question 4.  How do we structure our economy to ensure our children inherit a resilient future?

I believe it’s through education. If we are all taught while we are young we will know what to do.

Question 5.  How do we strengthen our economic future and achieve sustainable landscapes?

I think we should all grow our own vegetables and eat them!

Q6.  How do we attract and retain the brightest minds and ideas where they are most needed and capitalise on global opportunities?

I am the brightest mind and I am here already!

It’s important for all Queenslanders to work together to create the best future for our state.  Have your say here…


Love sat in my mind

She never quavered from that feeling

She threw caution to the wind

It took all her strength

To in the moment

Love is the foundation of mankind

It stretches to the perimeter of our culture

She tears at the heartstrings of every human being

She has powers of indescribable hate & compassion

She stands there with open arms

and waits for her prey to arrive

She pounces and the man falls to the ground

He breathtakingly gasps and says

‘Why do you do that to me?’

Love answers with a passionate kiss

He sees cinderella in his arms




Proving It’s Me

When people ask me questions

do they believe the answers are mine?

Watching others support my arm

to move across the board,

yes, the words are from my own head.


If I could borrow someone’s voice box,

would you believe the words are still mine?

So with my board work,

you doubt whose hand is really working.


Questions from strangers

feel like interrogation

because I sense their disbelief.

This body does not work,

so you crucify my mind.

What if I get it right,

does that prove there is a person inside?

What if I get it wrong,

will you all run and hide?


If I make you proud or seem a fool,

it makes no difference.

You see, I am still here.


You may have to look deeper

to see the real me.

I am not going to stop thinking,

I am not going to stop loving,

I am not going to stop hurting,

I am not going to stop being.

Even if you take away my new voice,

you will not stop me being whole.

Let my voice grow old with me:

it gives me control.


A poem by Glen Sheppard taken from Glen’s book ‘Elvis Has Left The Building‘.

Peace: A Poem by Glen C. Sheppard

I really like to spend my day reflecting on life,

but sometimes my soul is filled with fright

at what seems unfair, unjust or just not right.

My heart wants to hear a joyful song:

happy sounds seem to right all wrongs.

See the fury of a cyclone:  in the centre there is peace,

where the forces of destruction really do cease.


Just like that place in your heart where your soul feels calm:

that place where it’s quiet, protected and free from harm.

I’d really like to stay in this calm, quiet place,

where nothing exists except time and space.

Where the mind seeks asylum from everyday life

and my soul soars once more into endless flight,

watching wonderful days turn into beautiful nights.


A poem by Glen Sheppard taken from his book ‘Elvis Has Left The Building‘.

Flowers for a Friend: A Poem by Glen C. Sheppard

I wish upon a star each time i think of you,

that you will always be there, valiant and true.

I want to give you flowers

before you go away,

but I can never think of

the words I’m trying to say.


So here I write it down (no ink),

the thoughts run through my mind,

the sound of finger to the board,

giving out this rhyme.


I want to give you sunsets,

to sing my good friends praise.

My lack of consideration I do not own.

So words are all I’m giving you,

pale and incomplete.

I want to give you so much more,

but alas, I am in defeat.


Thank you for your friendship,

the good times and the hard.

I want you to always know this,

you’re forever in my heart.

Golden Thoughts: A Poem by Glen C. Sheppard

There are special moments

that have become my life’s highs & lows

memories of being held

in the arms of a troubled soul.

I believe it’s me, dreadful as it may seem,

that made this soul so troubled and unsure.

I believe I love this gentle, troubled soul

without question and I am sure his voice talks to me

of things we could have done,

just a far away assurance

of things yet to come.

I believe the next step I take

will bring me closer than ever before

to this beautiful, gentle, troubled soul

and we will finally be together.

I long to see this soul again,

to soothe the mind of this kind man,

to let him know what I have become,

that his gentle reminders I do hear from above.

I will continue to listen and show this soul

what a special man he has made.

I am complete Dad,

I am whole.

My First Semester At University by Glen C. Sheppard

University is a pain,

it’s the thing that stretched my brain.

Fear had me from the start,

then Uni touched me in the heart.

The first paper was just a pass,

I felt I had fallen from a mast.

Then came the big HD,

but it was the eleven hour exam that nearly buggered me.

We were given three days to complete the thing,

but what troubles it did bring,

I thought it could be done in a day,

but really that was not the way.

The day we did the exam was not too bad,

but then the next day we were mad.

My support worker was staring into space,

while I was in another place.

I pushed myself to finish the thing,

I felt like a bird with a broken wing.

It almost destroyed my brain,

and I considered not going to Uni again.

Reflecting back on my Uni life,

I see the struggle that I thought was strife,

the struggle of learning and using my mind,

helps me leave autism behind.