The year has just passed

like a flash in the night,

and you have come here to resolve

any issues we have with the land,

the creatures and it’s people of old.


Resolve what you like, here, now

and take my humble advice,

with our hearts we go forth

and with our voices, respect.

Take heed of our fore-fathers,

for the mistakes they made, should never be repeated.


Too much is now known to ever turn back.

You can help by listening, to the wounds of our land.

How many times must it weep, before we start to take action?

To drink our once clear water from our rivers and streams is no more.


Our once healthy frogs are now no longer.

You need to have faith in our people of old,

as they knew how to look after our land.

Are the families of old ever going to have their life back?

Your love for this country is imperative, for future generations.


My thoughts for you tonight,

are take good care of our land, its people and animals.

Let us together go forth hand in hand,

and build a safe generation of youth,

Together we can act as a powerful voice,

with a respect that is due, and a love of all creatures

however great or small.

Written by Glen Sheppard, 2004

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