Healing Sounds

Laughter is like the sound of music to my ears.
It is a medicine to cure the sick,
a vaccination to help the sad,
a treatment for free in times of grief.
No matter how bad I feel
the sound of laughter always lifts my spirit.

When my thoughts become too tangled
and my mind screams out in pain,
I need a train ride to clear my head.
The sound of the wheels, clickety-clack,
is very relaxing, melodic, like a lullaby.

The flashes of scenery, the different colours,
keep my mind so occupied that the brown mists
of autism almost clear,
with the song of the train
and the world flashing by.

Some days my autism has gone,
my mind is clear, I hear and see all;
sights, sounds and songs.
But then back comes the mist,
obliterating my mind,
imprisoning my body.

One thought on “Healing Sounds

  1. I love to read all ur poems and even i stay far from you but u made the light on in my life. Everytime i read ur poems and i seen ur photos it brings smile for me. I hope all goes well with you and remember kept be the light also be the inspirator for others arpund u.

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