Peace: A Poem by Glen C. Sheppard

I really like to spend my day reflecting on life,

but sometimes my soul is filled with fright

at what seems unfair, unjust or just not right.

My heart wants to hear a joyful song:

happy sounds seem to right all wrongs.

See the fury of a cyclone:  in the centre there is peace,

where the forces of destruction really do cease.


Just like that place in your heart where your soul feels calm:

that place where it’s quiet, protected and free from harm.

I’d really like to stay in this calm, quiet place,

where nothing exists except time and space.

Where the mind seeks asylum from everyday life

and my soul soars once more into endless flight,

watching wonderful days turn into beautiful nights.


A poem by Glen Sheppard taken from his book ‘Elvis Has Left The Building‘.

One thought on “Peace: A Poem by Glen C. Sheppard

  1. Great poem Glen. I remember the day you wrote it, you had spent hours in the pool and wanted to write this poem when you hopped out and what a wonderful job you did. Love Mum

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